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Pruning When planting new plant material, always cut any limbs that are damaged or rubbing with others. Caring For New Plantings Always make the cut at the base of the branch collar, never leave a stub extending off the collar. An open stub - like an open wound - makes plant vulnerable to disease and…
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Caring for Your New Lawn

Caring for Your New Lawn New Lawns, Sod, or Seed Weeks One to Three -- For the first two to three weeks, water 2 to 3 times per day, allowing the water to soak in, especially during hot weather. Apply 1 inch of water, so the soil beneath the sod is moist. Make sure that…
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Caring for Your Existing Lawn

Caring for Your Existing Lawn Lawns need at least 1 inch of water (from rain or applied water) per week to grow well. Sandy soils generally require more water. Clay or heavy soils hold moisture better, so they require less water. A deep, slow soaking is much better than frequent, light watering because it causes…
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