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Things To Do in the Fall

Things To Do in the Fall: Keep watering your lawn and shrubs throughout the fall months or until the first hard freeze. The plant material needs the moisture to help them survive the dry fall season. Use high nitrogen fertilizer in late fall when the weather is cool. This will help ensure a lush green…
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Things To Do in the Spring

Things To Do in the Spring: De-weed mulch beds and perennial gardens. Cut back perennials to new growth or mulch line. Apply preen to all mulch beds once de-weeding is complete. Top-dress beds with new mulch to give fresh look appearance.
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Watering Watering your plant material is very important. However there are a few factors that will determine how much water is needed and how frequently you should be watering. The two primary factors are: weather conditions and soil conditions. Check soil conditions before watering. Always check the soil to determine if water is needed. If…
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Fertilization Fertilize established plant materials every few years. Apply fertilizer in the fall after the leaves have dropped, or early in the spring. Never apply fertilizer in the late summer. This promotes new growth which makes the make the plant susceptible to winter damage by not hardening. To prepare your plant material for winter you…
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